Welcome to San Quentin Prison art which sells art from inmates in prison.  Currently we have one artist on display, Daniel Landry, who is a current inmate on death row at San Quentin.  We do not ask what the inmate has done, we do not know the details of their pasts.  We do know that the inmates are people who have committed a crime against society and they are paying for their crimes in internment - while they serve their time they often spend their time creating fantastic art pieces some of which are on display here on this site.

I have known Daniel for a number of years and find him to be a pleasant and kind individual.  I love his art, it is bright and cheeful.  Some of the art I have seen is dark and somber, his work on the other hand is light and uplifting which is refreshing.  You can get some insight into his mind by viewing his art.

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